About Weco

WECO inventories a wide variety of products: CERAMICX IRELAND halogen, tungsten, ceramic, quartz heaters, and necessary accessories; HETRONIK multi-channel heat controllers; SCE enclosures; programming port interface modules; transformers and lighting disconnects; specialty wire; and residential/commercial comfort heating solutions.

Following our slogan of “Putting the Pieces Together”, WECO integrates our products to provide new and retrofit oven assemblies and controls for a variety of infrared heating applications, including forming, curing, and drying. WECO proudly introduces our new line of Energy Efficient Oven (E2O) modules, giving every customer the ability to “Go Green”, stay on budget, and quickly build their own highly efficient long or short wave infrared oven.

WECO creates “Intelligent Infrared” with high efficiency elements and unlimited zoning control to minimize energy usage, maximize production and reduce scrap. Serving our customers since 1972, WECO is proud to be your unique supplier for your heating and control requirements.

Through persistence, determination, and with integrity, we strive to improve your bottom line and exceed your expectations with every order.

I would personally like to thank you for letting us serve you since 1972. I pledge that we are dedicated to offering you world-class products promptly and with the best service and pricing possible. Our team provides excellent technical and application support, ensuring that the right products are selected for your unique situation each and every time.

We look forward to working together with you.

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