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Ceramic Elements

Used in a range of applications from industrial to engineering, ceramic infrared elements and ceramic infrared emitters ( IR heat emitter ) are efficient, long- lasting ceramic infrared heaters. Providing long wave infrared radiation these robust ceramic infrared heating elements have a wide array of uses including in thermoforming heaters, packaging, outdoor heaters and saunas in leisure centers. They are also used in curing, paint drying as well as a wide range of drying applications.

The various types of ceramic elements include ceramic trough elements such as ceramicx FTE (Full Trough Element) half trough elements (Ceramicx HTE) and quarter trough elements. We also stock ceramic hollow elements, ceramic flat elements, ceramic infrared bulbs and ceramic infrared IR heat emitters.  Providing heat control solutions, Weco International are proud leading providers of ceramic elements and industrial infrared heaters

The ceramic heater is the most efficient infrared emitters on the market because it operates best between the temperature range of 300 to 700 degrees celsius (575- 1292 degrees fahrenheit) producing infrared wave lengths in the 2- 10 micron range.  It is found that many materials and plastics absorb infrared best in this range.

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