Energy Efficient Infrared Custom Ovens

Custom infrared ovens by Weco International

Weco International provides one of a kind custom electric infrared ovens for any application. 

Custom Infrared Ovens

If you are manufacturing anything from aerospace to automotive to food: 

  1. We handle applications as large as swimming pools and as small as a contact lens. 
  2. We build fully automated systems including:
  • Material handling
  • Conveyor systems
  • Incorporate a multitude of sensors
  • Integrate state of the art control systems 
  • Our ovens can operate stand alone or be integrated into an existing line

Infrared Ovens by Weco InternationalWeco Custom Infrared OvensInfrared Ovens by Weco International

CLICK HERE to view our catalog or please contact our technical sales department today to start the discussion about your application:

Brett Terbrack
Technical Sales Specialist
Office: 810-686-7221
Cell: 989-928-1443

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