Heating Accessories

Reflectors Reflectors - Aluminized Steel Designed to mount 1-6 ceramic infrared heaters or quartz heaters, aluminized steel reflectors feature highly reflective casings and maximize heat output. Units can be mounted individually or side-by-side.
Projectors Projectors - Aluminized Steel Designed to mount 1-5 ceramic or quartz heaters, aluminized steel projectors are the ideal solution in areas where positional heat is required. Units can be mounted in a variety of positions.
Terminal Blocks High Temperature Terminal Blocks Open or closed high temperature ceramic terminal blocks are used for power distribution in a variety of high temperature applications including RAS, PAS, Line Bender and infrared ovens assembly.
High Temperature Wire (1000°C through -100°C) From the simplest single conductor appliance lead wire to complex composite cable assemblies and specialty thermocouple cables, our experience in tough wire and cable applications will help to provide you the best cable selection for the job.

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