Program Ports

Buried inside an enclosure, protected by a lock and disconnect, resides the PLC/CNC program port you need to make one quick change and get the line up and running again… Sound familiar? WECO International’s line of program and interface ports attach directly to the program port of any CNC or PLC processor, allowing programmers safe access from outside of the enclosure. Our ports can be customized to fit virtually ANY application, no matter the communications or power requirement, we can build it specifically for you!


The following connection options to the unit are available:

  • T– a terminal strip is mounted on the back of the unit for point to point Terminal connections. (available for 9, 15, 15HD & 25 pin connectors only)
  • BH – a pass thru bulk head style connector is used for easily connecting and disconnecting cables to and from unit.
  • XX – Within the part number substitute the standard cable lengths of 3, 6, 10, or 20 (in feet). The end of this cable will have a connection that is the opposite sex from that of the specified connection.

Prefix and sufix options:

  • F– indicates a Female connector under cover and a male connector at end of cable.
  • M – indicates a Male connector under cover and a female connector at end of cable.
  • Note: If same gender connector is required on both ends, specify gender type in front & behind desired pin size. Example: M9M-BH (Male 9 pin to a Male Bulk Head connector)

How to configure your PROGRAM pORTS part number

Example: CRBD5-F6MD-20






Housing Style
Power Options
Breaker Options
Component Options
CRB Conv. Receptacle w/ Breaker N No Power Needed 0 No Breaker Needed CL Control Logix 6 6' Cable
CR Conv. Receptacle w/o Breaker S Single (1 outlet) S-120v 3 3 Amp Breaker CN Control Net 10 10' Cable
PC Polycarbonate D Duplex (2 outlets) D-120v 5 5 Amp Breaker DH+ Data Highway + 20 20' Cable
PP Program Port G GFI (2 outlets w/ Test & Reset) G-120v 10 10 Amp Breaker DH+/EN Data Highway + & Ether Net BH Bulkhead
32 32 Size Housing X Universal (Single outlet) Forgein Configuration 15 15 Amp Breaker DH+/F25 Data Highway + & Female 25 Pin T Terminal Strip
24 24 Size Housing     20 20 Amp Breaker DH+/M9 Data Highway + & Male 9 Pin    
16 16 Size Housing         DH8 Data Highway 8 Pin Mini Din    
10 10 Size Housing         DH9 Data Highway 9 Pin Mini Din    


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