Standard Ovens

Since 1972, at Weco International have been supplying world class products to a vast array of industries and companies both large and small. Contact us today for more information on our standard infrared ovens range including our range of standard size platens, fast IR's and PAS's. 

Infrared Heating Platens Infrared Heating Platens These infrared heating oven platens can be designed to operate with Ceramic or Quartz emitters. Ideal for infrared furnace ovens, these custom infrared ovens are designed with thermoforming in mind.
Quartz Elements Fast IR Systems

FAST IR systems form an ideal installation solution for quartz infrared heating elements. The Fast IT infrared heating system is manufactured from aluminium and can be maintained at a touch safe temperature.  

PAS PAS Projectors (PAS) caters to a wide range of ceramic and quartz and they are the ideal solution where positional heat is required economically, efficiently and quickly.

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